Founded in 2010, the New York French American Charter School (NYFACS) was the first bilingual Franco-American public charter school in the United States. The school was formed to address the needs of the New York City francophone community, as in the Little Senegal section of Harlem where NYFACS is located. Even before entering the school, you will likely hear French being spoken on the street.

When visiting our classes, you will notice that students learn with enthusiasm at all levels and in all subjects. We maintain high standards of spoken and written language in both French and English; our French teachers are all native French speakers from the francophone global community.

NYFACS holds le LabelFrancEducation for promoting French language and culture.

Our students are citizens of the world. From the youngest students and throughout all grades, we instill the notion of respect and curiosity for different cultures. NYFACS embraces diversity through learning, cooperation, and acceptance.

Being educated in a bilingual environment will provide your child with a unique perspective of the many communities that surround us, and will prepare him or her for the complex, multicultural world of tomorrow.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

NYFACS Principal

NYFACS holds le LabelFrancEducation for promoting French language and culture – part of our mission to serve the Francophonie world.


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