Our mission at the New York French American Charter School (NYFACS) is to develop bilingual, biliterate global citizens who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Here are the top ten ways we achieve this.

  1. Exposure to a global perspective everyday. At NYFACS, we: 

  • Create a roadmap for our students to learn a true appreciation, respect for and understanding of diversity.

  • Teach our NYFACS students the foundations of respect and responsibility, first for themselves, and then for their community.

  • Provide our cross-cultural enrichment.

  • Educate our students with a global perspective using critical thinking and resources from other cultures and countries.

  • Enable cross-cultural dialog via language, vocabulary and contexts that will create open dialogues with others.

  • Equip students for the 21st century by means of a rigorous and well-rounded biliterate and bilingual education.

  • Hire a diverse team of teachers, interns and administrators from the U.S. and other countries, to showcase a variety of viewpoints and experiences.


2. NYFACS blends the French and American system taking the best from each. Our rich and rigorous curriculum provides students with the necessary skills and learning experiences needed for sustained academic achievement. We maintain high standards of spoken and written language in both French and English.

3. Individual instructional paths encompass grade level learning. We know no two students are alike, especially when it comes to hitting developmental benchmarks.  We believe in academic and social skills standards for your child that encompass his or her grade level. We base our differentiated instruction on identified needs of students, in all grades. Our students are continuously assessed in order to ascertain areas of deficiency and individual plans are developed to address and support those needs.

4.   Servicing special needs of kids is implicit in our mission. NYFACS believes that providing adequate support and special accommodations for children with additional needs is implicit in the mission of our school. NYFACS promotes a strong program of parental and student support through the Response to Intervention program and special education.

At NYFACS we offer a range of services which allow us to support students based on their IEP recommendations.  We currently have these valuable services:

  • Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT)- a special education teacher pushes into the classroom and assists students while they are working in ELA and Math.

  • Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS)- students are pulled out in small groups and receive instruction tailored to their learning styles and levels.

  • We offer Occupational Therapy, Counseling and Speech-Language.  All our special education teachers and service providers are state certified and have various certificates and training in programs such as Wilson Reading, PAF, Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Program.

  •   We differentiate instruction daily in all of our classrooms by the use of centers and small guided groups, this strategy allows us to meet the needs of all learners.

5. NYFACS embraces diversity.  Through learning, cooperation, and acceptance our students actualize a diverse and empathic recognition of their world, from the classroom, to NYC to the entire globe.

6. NYFACS has a strong history of bilingual Franco-American education. Founded in 2010, the New York French American Charter School (NYFACS) was the first bilingual Franco-American public charter school in the United States. Our school was formed to address the needs of the New York City francophone community.

Even before entering our school, you will likely hear French being spoken on the street as we are located in the Little Senegal section of Harlem.

7. NYFACS students are citizens of the world. From the youngest students and throughout our TK-8 classrooms, we instill the notion of respect and curiosity for different cultures.

8. Our teachers are all native French speakers. Hailing from the global francophone community, NYFACS prides itself on the diversity of our teacher population, as well as our student population. We embrace the many languages, cultural, economic, social and educational differences that our diverse school attracts and requires.

9. Our school culture is fun! We host a Spring Festival, a Multicultural Day, a Science Fair, Zoom dance parties, and a Teacher Appreciation Week. We participate in global art festivals, Africa Day Parade, Black History Month and have an active gardening committee. Our students get hands-on learning via field trips to The Bronx Zoo, The Whitney Museum and even Washington DC. Our fifth graders graduate at the French Embassy and our kinders graduate on our roof deck!

The NYFACS PTO is heavily involved in the life and success of the school, providing a voice for parents to the administration and to the Board of Trustees.

10. Preparing children for the complex, multicultural world of tomorrow is our top priority. Being educated in a bilingual environment will provide your child with a unique perspective of the many communities that surround us and will prepare him or her for the complex, nuanced, multicultural world of tomorrow. Join NYFACS and watch your child bloom into a citizen of the world!


Since 2010 we have educated hundreds of dual language PK-8 students in our tuition-free French immersion school. We absorb and support all levels of French & English language learners in our highly sought after bilingual and immersion school environment.  We unlock a lifelong appreciation for our multicultural world as we teach in French and English. Find out more and help your child feel the world!