Worried you can only enroll your child in a bilingual education in the early years? Not true! Mais non! Wonder how your student could ever catch up to others who have been in an immersion school for years ? They can! Bien sûr!

At NYFACS, we know our bilingual environment provides your child with a unique perspective of the many communities that surround us. We prepare our students for the complex, nuanced, multicultural world of tomorrow.

Language Development for All  

We accept new students in every grade TK-8 and envelop them into our positive culture and affirming classroom environments. Each of our NYFACS teachers, hailing from French-speaking countries all over the world, helps our students to learn and master French.

Class grouping

We differentiate instruction daily in all of our classrooms by the use of centers and small guided groups.  This strategy allows us to meet the needs of all learners.

For classes taught in French, we group our students together by their French language abilities. We have students who are beginners, intermediate, and advanced. We have a class for ALL!

Homework Support

We offer in-person homework help when it is safe to be together.  Homework assistance is part of our robust afterschool program held from 4:05-6:00pm Monday-Friday. When we went virtual, we supported tutoring assistance 1:1 during our NYFACS teacher office hours.

The Arc of Immersion

Our K-2 students are 80/20 English and French learning and our 3-8 graders are 50/50. Our smaller classes and dedicated faculty can truly integrate and make this successful for any student.

Our Range of Academic Supports 

As a public charter school, NYFACS believes that providing adequate support and special accommodations for children with additional needs is implicit in the mission of our school. We use the Response to Intervention (RTI) program and special education.

At NYFACS we offer a range of services which allow us to support students based on their IEP recommendations.  We currently have these valuable services:

  • Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT)- a special education teacher pushes into the classroom and assists students while they are working in ELA and Math.
  • Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS)- students are pulled out in small groups and receive instruction tailored to their learning styles and levels.
  • We offer Occupational Therapy, Counseling and Speech-Language.  All our special education teachers and service providers are state certified and have various certificates and training in programs such as Wilson Reading, PAF, Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Program.

Our mission at the New York French American Charter School (NYFACS) is to develop bilingual, biliterate global citizens who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Join NYFACS and watch your child bloom into a citizen of the world!


Since 2010 we have educated hundreds of dual language PK-8 students in our tuition-free French immersion school. We absorb and support all levels of French & English language learners in our highly sought after bilingual and immersion school environment.  We unlock a lifelong appreciation for our multicultural world as we teach in French and English. Find out more and help your child feel the world!