New York French American Charter School (NYFACS) is a free, bilingual elementary and middle school located in Harlem. In fact, we are the first French American charter school in the United States. Every NYFACS teacher helps with language development for immersion; we are all hands on deck for every student and their dual language proficiency journey. Serving grades K-8 tuition-free, we enjoy our small public school and our unique students – and we celebrate learning every chance we get. Here’s how: 

  1. Our passion for bilingual learning spills over to our community outreach. We host numerous events, having a thriving PTO, and we join our LIttle Senegal community in Harlem for festivals and parades. 
  1. Our stable public school is growing. We recently added middle school grades to keep our French immersion biliteracy going even longer in our students’ academic lives. Plus, our test scores are continually improving and our consistent administration is as dedicated as ever. 
  1. NYFACS offers so many unique programs. Our students can be seen playing squash at the Yale Club, enjoying Zumba, and getting hands-on at our robotics club or STEM program afterschool. We offer a swim program, visual arts, and an in-house after school program for grades K-5 that includes homework help. Our students take violin and piano lessons, yoga classes, and participate in our penpal club.  
  1. Our passionate teachers make dual language learning possible. We accept French language learners and English language learners and with the able and positive help of our spirited teachers, everyone finds their pace. Our teachers ensure every NYFACS student thrives with bilingual language learning, especially if parents don’t speak both languages themselves. This is not an obstacle for us! 
NYFACS students with school banner

  1. Our rooftop garden is tended by NYFACS parents and is the inspiration for our school’s gardening program. Our students, as young as our Kinders, help grow the vegetables and herbs, too. 
  1. Our teachers and staff inspire our students to learn outside the classroom, too. We love to partake in all the culture and vibrancy of New York City including museums and consulates. We even take our students to Yankee Stadium. 
  1. Our passionate teachers support our K-8 students with every step of their bilingual journey with laptops, smart boards, DuoLingo, Rosetta Stone, iReady and iXL. Thanks to our committed teachers and parents — our students attend films at the International French Festival and host our hugely popular MultiCultural Day. 
  1. Our Saturday Academy for our fourth and fifth graders enhances French language learning. Our students prepare for entrance exams and tests with the help of tutors and extra studying time. Our students earn scholarships and test well, thanks to the extra time and effort put in by all! 

Our teachers and administration deeply invest in the life and success of our small, student-centered charter school. NYFACS cares deeply about each individual student and strives to make every classroom and school year enriching and dynamic. Join our small charter school family, today. We are enrolling now! 

Since 2010 we have educated hundreds of dual language PK-8 students in our tuition-free French immersion school. We absorb and support all levels of French & English language learners in our highly sought after bilingual and immersion school environment.  We unlock a lifelong appreciation for our multicultural world as we teach in French and English. Find out more and help your child feel the world!