Speaking multiple languages opens up the world. At NYFACS PK-8 public charter school, our students learn in English and French and become both bilingual and biliterate. By achieving literacy in French and English our students can communicate in more countries, have a wider variety of schooling choices and employment options, and can even earn more money. 

Our students learn how to recognize perspectives and interact between cultures. They recognize cultural practices and behaviors and can better comprehend nuance, cultural norms and social strata. 

When biliterate and bilingual, our students understand the structure of two languages and can clearly understand how to communicate effectively in either English or French. Studies have shown that bilingual education creates adults who are compelling writers, able editors, and competent communicators — because bilingualism allows for better understanding of the function of language, including one’s native language.

Being bilingual can have a profound effect on your brain, improving cognitive skills not related to language and even shielding against dementia in old age. Bilingualism makes you smarter by giving the mind a workout that strengthens its cognitive muscles.

Learning a second language allows our NYFACS K-8 public charter school students to be more aware of cultural differences. Our students are not only exposed to ideas about but can understand why differences exist and the importance of respecting different cultures. Language learning inspires accord and harmony, curiosity and tolerance, and camaraderie and understanding.

Preparing children for the complex, multicultural world of tomorrow is our top priority at tution-free NYFACS PK-8 public charter school. Garnering a bilingual education is not only widely sought after here in the US  — it also provides every student with a unique perspective of the many communities that surround us. ANd it prepares our students for futures in the complex, nuanced, multicultural communities of the world. 


Since 2010 we have educated hundreds of dual language PK-8 students in our tuition-free French immersion school. We absorb and support all levels of French & English language learners in our highly sought after bilingual and immersion school environment.  We unlock a lifelong appreciation for our multicultural world as we teach in French and English. Find out more and help your child feel the world!