Message from the Board

Message From the Chair of the Board of Trustees

On behalf of the Board of Trustees I welcome you to the New York French American Charter School.NYFACS is unique. It is committed to providing a tuition-free, entirely bilingual, French/English education to children of many backgrounds, ethnicities and national origins. Our French teachers are all native Francophone speakers, coming from all over the globe.

NYFACS educates children to reach their fullest potential in a nurturing environment, allowing them to become true global citizens.

A bilingual, multicultural education is an extraordinary gift to give a child. It not only allows a child to be fully fluent and literate in a second language, it also enhances a child’s abilities in other academic disciplines and exposes him or her to other cultures, teaching him or her understanding and tolerance.

The Board of Trustees plays an important role in the school. It provides oversight and strategic direction to the school administration. It is composed of men and women, both from inside and outside the NYFACS community, who willingly give their time to ensure the success of the school.

Although NYFACS is a charter school, we are dependent, like all schools, on the generosity of parents and community members, both in contributing their time and fundraising for the school. We encourage all to volunteer to the extent that they are able.

For those who are not part of the NYFACS community, we encourage you to visit the school to see the remarkable work that is being done.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Ortoli

Chairman – NYFACS Board of Trustees