NYFACS Reopening Plan 2020 -2021

Dear NYFACS Family,

I hope that this message finds you and your family well.  Since March, due to the Covid-19, we have adopted Long Distance Learning as a mean to provide instruction to our students. We are committed to making sure that students continue to experience the care and commitment of the teachers. We are cognizant that distance learning cannot replace in person learning. Our past experience of last March does affirm  we learned much about our pedagogical techniques and the need to address the social and emotional needs of students. Our teachers received hours of coaching on distance and blended learning to prepare them for the restart of our school.

During the past two weeks, we have surveyed parents and staff regarding the reopening of schools. It was found that nearly 60% of the parents would like students to return to building. However, more than 70% of the teachers would not like to return to the school due to the pandemic. I have consulted various entities of the NYFACS community. We looked at the complexity of implementing social distancing throughout the day, the use of personal protection equipment, and transportation to and from school. Many parents do feel that it is a high risk for their children to return to the building. In recent days more than fourteen hundred deaths per day are being reported. Many of us may have experienced the tragic impact of the pandemic. There are too many variables that can cause exposure to the virus. Therefore, It is important to mitigate the risks by offering a full remote learning model.

The purpose of this document is to describe the NYFACS plan for remote learning. We will accomplish four major goals:

  • Live Student-Teacher contact time by reducing screen time
  • monitoring of students’ attendance
  • implement the academic objectives
  • we will do online monitoring of both student progress and assessments.

We are facing numerous challenges as we prepare to start the academic year of 2020-2021. Be mindful that the core of our distance learning plan is centered around the safety of teachers, students, and staff. Based on the state of the pandemic and the uncertainties of the next two months, it is of the utmost importance that students and teachers be safe.


Students will be required to check in through Google Classroom to record their attendance. Administration will contact parents if their child is absent two consecutive days.


Students will receive instruction everyday from 8:30 to 2:30. Teachers will be required to do direct instruction and feedback on all objectives taught. Teachers will connect students asynchronously (not all students at the same time) in order to enhance the dialogues amongst students. Teachers will create a block of time to provide one on one academic services.


Administration will use IXL, F&P and i-Ready to assess the students in September and at the end of each marking period. Teachers using the laptop will teach and interact with students as required. Teachers will create materials and use the online version of their texts. The school will maintain communication with parents by email, DOJO, ROBO-calls and live telephone calls to parents. Additionally, parents will be able to look at their student’s progress and attendance in PowerSchool.

* Each child will have access to a laptop.

Technology Enhancements

  • NYFACS previously purchased a laptop or Chromebook for each child assigned to NYFACS, as needed.
  • NYFACS previously ordered Wi-Fi Hotspots for students residing in a shelter. In addition, the school has identified any students who have moved into a shelter and is in the process of procuring W-Fi Hotspots for these students. NYFACS will continues to identify these students to provide them with any special support.
  • NYFACS will purchase digital tools to enhance and complement Hybrid and Remote Instruction.
  • NYFACS will purchase webcam so teachers can teach in class or support virtual instruction.
  • Teachers will participate in workshops that will prepare them for remote learning instruction
  • NYFACS plans to use the following educational learning platforms: IXL, i-Ready, Google Meets, Google Classroom, Zoom, PowerSchool, Class Dojo, and Duo Lingo. NYFACS plans to focus on and expand the use of Google Classroom and virtual instructional tools.
  • NYFACS has purchased digital versions of all its major subjects.
  • NYFACS will continue to provide workshops for parents and teachers to seamlessly instruct them to assist students with the learning process.

Professional Development

  • NYFACS will address Social-emotional support strategies for its teachers, students, and staff.
  • NYFACS will provide virtual instructional strategies for distance learning if we have to close the building. NYFACS will also prepare a back-up staffing plan, There will be substitutes teachers to replace staff due to unexpected emergencies.
  • NYFACS will review and prepare lessons for the first trimester objectives using both modes of instruction.
  • NYFACS will structure the schedule so students can continue to work at a reasonable pace.

The School Distance Learning Plan may have to be negotiated with the UFT.