Students with Special Needs


Julio De La Cruz, Special Ed Coordinator  – email Mr. De La Cruz at

NYFACS prides itself on the diversity of its student and teacher population, embracing the many languages, cultural, economic, social and educational differences that our diverse school attracts and requires.  NYFACS believes that providing adequate support and special accommodations for children with additional needs is implicit in the mission of our school.

  • Response to Intervention and Special Education at NYFACS

The overall instructional program of NYFACS is well suited to students with disabilities. Research shows that an integrated school population is beneficial to all children as a whole. NYFACS will provide this type of environment. The structured NYFACS program will assist students who are identified as at-risk both with disabilities and without. NYFACS promotes a strong program of parental and student support through the Response to Intervention program and special education.

When students who do not enter the school with an IEP appear to be at risk because of poor academic performance, the teacher may refer that student to the Response to Intervention (RTI) team, and work with its members to develop an action plan with strategies to support the student academically and potentially psychosocially. Teachers will first discuss among themselves the class behavior, aptitude, and apparent learning problems with their colleagues in order to gather data and create an intervention strategy. Every teacher of the student will be involved, as well as the administrator in charge, and the special education teacher(s). The parents may also be asked to attend, as well as any outside psychologists or guidance counselor who has been working with the child. This plan may include help in the resource room as a non-IEP student, special teaching techniques devised by the group to be used in the regular classrooms, and support from the parents. The team will meet on a regular basis to be sure the plan is working or to improve the plan if necessary. These methods of intervention include: Differentiation, Pull-outs, Afterschool Program, and Saturday Academy. If the plan does not produce clear evidence of progress, the RTI team may refer the student to the Committee of Special Education (CSE) for evaluation If these problems appear too severe to be handled by minor modifications, Administrator in charge of Special Education will contact the parent and the CSE in the child’s school district in order to refer the student for evaluation.

  • IEP: At NYFACS we take pride in our special education team and offer a range of services which allow us to service students based on their IEP recommendations.  We currently have the following services at NYFACS:
    • Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT)- a special education teacher pushes into the classroom and assists students while they are working in ELA and Math.
    • Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS)- students are pulled out in small groups and receive instruction tailored to their learning styles and levels.
    • We offer Occupational Therapy, Counseling and Speech-Language.  All our special education teachers and service providers are state certified and have various certificates and training in programs such as Wilson Reading, PAF, Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Program.
    •   We differentiate instruction daily in all of our classrooms by the use of centers and small guided groups, this strategy allows us to meet the needs of all learners.